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Hey Kiddos! Wanna become a superhero by winning our Annual Art & Poetry Competition ? Yes. Peace Pals For Kids brought to you a special opportunity where you can win $150. Starting this year, we are going to organize this event every year.


Please click below to know about the topic and requirements.



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Art gallery is decorated with all the art and drawing submissions from the kids including the competition submissions. Enjoy the amazing creativity of the talented kids.



If you love to write poem or read poem, then Ta-Da ! You are at the right place. Go ahead ! Explore and Submit your own poem today.



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Hey! We know you love to hear stories. There you go! We have created a story bank for you where you can read other's stories and also write your own stories and submit.

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Light, Camera, Action -Kiddos!

Watch how your friends can sing and dance well. Let them watch you doing it better huh?


Go ahead ! Take a look.